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Charlotte Traffic Ticket Lawyer

How will the Saffa Law Firm help me beat my speeding ticket? Our 1st goal is to get your speeding ticket dismissed. When we get your ticket dismissed, you pay no fines and get no points on your record.

At Saffa Law Firm, we have developed an extensive checklist we use to challenge every ticket:

  • Did the officer fill out the ticket wrong? - Motion to Dismiss
  • Did the officer cite the wrong statute? - Motion to Dismiss
  • Did the officer list the wrong tag number? - Motion to Dismiss
  • Did the officer cite the wrong date? - Motion to Dismiss
  • Did the officer cite an insufficient location? - Motion to Dismiss
  • Did the officer fail to show proof his radar was calibrated? - Motion to Dismiss
  • Did the officer fail to show his speedometer was calibrated? - Motion to Dismiss
  • Was the officer unable to see the violation from his location? - Motion to Dismiss
  • Did the officer list the wrong drivers license number/name? - Motion to Dismiss
  • Did the officer fail to show up at court (possibly because we moved to continue the hearing to increase the chance this)? - Motion to Dismiss
  • And many others.

Our 2nd goal (if the ticket isn't dismissed) is to make sure you get no points on your record. Our Charlotte traffic ticket defense attorneys have various ways to do this - some of which involve our negotiating with the prosecutor & judge to have your charges reduced.

Your charges can be reduced to either:

  • Improper Equipment - often times, we can get your speeding ticket reduced to a charge of "improper equipment". This is a "non-moving" violation and results in no points on your record.
  • Prayer for Judgement Continued (PJC) - depending on your driving record, we often times can negotiate with the court to enter a PJC. When the court enters a PJC, you are NOT found guilty of the offense. You pay no fines (but may have to pay some court costs) and no points on your record.
  • Reduction in the Speed You Were Charged With - often times we can negotiate to have the speed at which you were charged reduced, this could result in no points on your insurance record.

When you get a speeding ticket, your 2 main concerns should be:

  • Not getting points on your driving record - because this could lead to:
    • License suspension or revocation
    • Future violations being charged as a 2nd or 3rd (or worse) offenses with higher penalties.
  • Not getting points on your insurance record - because this leads to:
    • Paying much more for auto insurance (by 25% - 340%!) for the next 3 years.

Received a speeding ticket while in a school zone?

Citations for speeding in a school zone are a little more problematic than regular speeding citations. These citations are governed by North Carolina General Statute 20-141.1.

Convictions for this type of offense carries:

  • A mandatory $250.00 fine plus court costs
  • Always causes your insurance rate to increase

This is why our 1st goal will always be to try and get your ticket dismissed. Our attorneys have developed a specific school zone defense checklist which is used to challenge every school zone violation. If the prosecution is lacking in only one of the necessary elements needed, we can have your ticket dismissed..

Our 2nd goal (if the ticket isn't dismissed) is to get it reduced. Our getting your citation reduced could enable you to avoid receiving points on your license and higher insurance costs for the next few years.

If you have received a citation for Speeding in Charlotte, contact our traffic ticket defense attorneys for your free consultation.

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