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Man Found Guilty of Using Bad Checks for Bankruptcy Payments

A man in Cincinnati was given a sentence of three years in prison after being convicted of using fraudulent checks as a method to pay his bankruptcy debts. T.W.K. pleaded guilty to the charges last June and after a sentencing hearing today, he will be serving his sentence for obstruction of justice at a federal prison. He will be serving that sentence alongside a previous sentence for violating parole from a 2004 conviction of transporting stolen vehicles and bank fraud.

T.W.K. filed for bankruptcy in May of 2011. That September, he sent in two fake checks at the amount of $3,275 each to the trustee assigned to repay his creditors. The man acknowledged that he knowingly sent in bad checks, which he had using his computer. T.W.K. used an account number from a previously closed credit-union account for the checks, which were then printed on paper purchased from local office supply store. Although check fraud varies state by state, most cases of fraudulent checks are under the category of felony crimes.

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