Why should I hire Saffa Law Group?

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Why should I hire Saffa Law Group?


As Saffa Law Group client, you will be represented by an experienced former prosecutor who can go to court for you and negotiate the best possible outcome. Our Charlotte traffic ticket lawyer knows exactly how to fight back when you receive a traffic citation.

While you may think that being issues a traffic ticket is the end of the story, we can push back against the officer who stopped you.

Our Charlotte traffic ticket attorney can critique every part of your stop and ticket to look for ways the officer did not act according to proper procedure. If we find any mistakes on law enforcement's part we can exploit them on your behalf.

There are many points at which an officer can make a mistake, however minor, that we can bring to light in court and move to have your ticket dismissed, saving you money and a point on your driving record.

Our firm can help save you money!

Our goal will be to get ticket(s) for moving violations DISMISSED or REDUCED to non-moving violations. This prevents you from receiving points on your record and your insurance rates from skyrocketing by 25% to over 300%! Plus, there will be no need for you to appear in court (in most cases). When you think about it, the modest attorney fee you'll pay is likely be less than you'd lose by missing 1 or 2 days of work attending your court dates, not to mention paying the citation.

You don't even need to miss work to come and hire us. You can handle the entire matter over the phone or internet! If you would prefer to meet at our office, we are open 7 days a week until 8:00 p.m., so you won't need to miss work to come and see us!

Don't wait to obtain the experienced counsel you need when you are ticketed— call us today!