Traffic Ticket FAQ

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Traffic Ticket FAQ

Difference Between Civil & Criminal Traffic Offenses?

Civil traffic offenses (i.e. civil infractions):

  • could result in fines & court costs
  • could get you points on your license
  • is not punishable by jail

Criminal traffic offenses:

  • is punishable by jail time
  • you are required to appear in court
  • you are required to hire an attorney

What If I am Cited in an Auto Accident?

Without having the proper representation, your being cited for causing an auto accident usually leads to :

  • huge increases in your insurance
  • adding a lot of points on your driving record
  • you being sued personally in a civil personal injury lawsuit

However, there are often legal defenses our attorneys can use to defend you against the charge(s)! Since the officer who cited you usually didn't witness the accident, the officers usually base their opinions on things like eyewitness testimony and the physical evidence at the scene.

Additionally, when you are cited for an accident, our attorneys are often times able to negotiate with the prosecutor to dismiss your charges by proving you had insurance coverage and legal financial responsibility has been assumed. Failure of witnesses to attend court hearings are yet additional grounds our attorneys are able to use t o get these types of tickets dismissed.

At Saffa Law Group, you will be vigorously defended by an experienced trial attorney with an extensive background as both a former prosecutor and a former insurance company defense attorney!

How Much Will My Insurance Increase If I Pay the Ticket?

In North Carolina, if you send in payment for a ticket, you are convicted (found guilty) of the offense and driver license points are placed against your driving record. If you accumulate 12 points within a 3-year period, your license could be suspended. If you accumulate 8 points following a license reinstatement, it could result in a second suspension.

If your driver's license is suspended by the point system, it may be suspended for: 60 days on the first suspension, 6 months for a second suspension, and 12 months for a third.

According to the North Carolina Department of Insurance, this is how getting points on your license will cost you money:

Insurance Points Will Cost You Money


% of Rate Increase

Cost If Basic Rate is $300

“other” moving violations

30% $390.00
2 45% $435.00

Stop sign violation
Stop light violation
Speeding > 55 mph
School zone violations
Failure to yield right of way
No operator’s license
No liability insurance

60% $480.00

Hit & run (property damage)
Careless & reckless driving
Following too closely
Illegal passing

80% $540.00

Passing a school bus
Aggressive driving

110% $630.00
6 135% $705.00
7 165% $795.00
8 195% $885.00
9 225% $975.00
10 260% $1,080.00
11 300% $1,200.00
12 340% $1,320.00

If you are convicted of speeding more than 15 mph above the speed limit, or driving at a speed higher than 55 mph, your license will be revoked for 30 days.

Your license will be revoked for 60 days if this is your second speeding ticket where you were driving 15 mph hour or more above the speed limit within a year, or if you are convicted of speeding plus reckless driving on the same occasion.

Before sending in a payment for a ticket, be sure to contact Saffa Law Group for a free consultation.

Should I Just Pay My Ticket?

Absolutely NOT! You should never, ever simply send in a payment for a speeding ticket - even if you are guilty!

This is because simply sending in payment:

  • could increase your insurance by 25% to over 340%
  • could add points to your record
  • could lead to the suspension or revocation of your license

Also, when you just send in a payment for a traffic ticket, you are technically pleading guilty and are convicted of the offense. Then if you ever get any additional tickets, the conviction you received from simply paying for a ticket is used against you and results in higher fines, more points on your license, higher insurance and possible license suspension or revocation!

At SAFFA LAW GROUP, we get tickets:

  • DISMISSED - either for legal reasons or as part of a negotiated plea with the prosecutor
  • REDUCED - to either a non-moving violation or by reducing the speed/offense with which you were charged

This often results in your receiving NO POINTS and NO INCREASED INSURANCE!

If you have received a ticket and are considering paying it, be sure to contact Saffa Law Group first for your free consultation.

Charged with an FTA (Failure to Appear)?

If you were previously charged with an offense and failed to appear in court, this could have serious consequences.

Failing to appear in court could result in:

  • a warrant being issued for you arrest
  • your license being suspended
  • your later being charged with driving while license is suspended (if you are ever pulled over)
  • FTA fees

Our experienced traffic defense attorneys can often times get your case reset and get your arrest warrant withdrawn (stricken). If you have been charged with a failure to appear, call Saffa Law Group for your free consultation.