Is drivers school an option for me?

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Is Drivers School a Good Idea?

A Skilled Charlotte Traffic Ticket Lawyer can Provide Crucial Advice

Driving school may or may not be a good option for you if you receive a traffic ticket. You can only attend drivers school one time every 5 years. So depending on your driving record you may not want to use your chance to go to drivers school on this particular traffic ticket. You need an experienced Charlotte traffic ticket attorney who can examine your record and make recommendations to you about whether drivers school is an option you should consider.

Saffa Law Group has more than 25 years of legal experience, all of which we can put to use to contest your traffic ticket. We provide the insight our clients need to ensure they are making the best decisions for their individual cases. Seek out experienced counsel from our Charlotte firm when you receive a ticket before you mail a payment to the court and you could avoid having to pay at all, not to mention the additional potential penalties for mailing a payment.

Why drivers school?

Drivers school, or Driver Improvement Clinics, are designed to teach people defensive driving techniques to make them safer drivers. They are either 4-hour courses for those under 21 or 8 hours for anyone older. Our firm can go over your citation and determine if drivers school is a good option for you or not.

Drivers enroll in Driver Improvement Clinics for three reasons:

  • They have accumulated seven or more points on their record and the court has mandated drivers school
  • To remove points from a driver's record
  • To obtain an insurance discount

Most 4-hour clinics charge a $50 fee which needs to be paid in advance at a Driver Licensing Office.

Get Knowledgeable Counsel Today

Our first goal will always be to try and get your ticket dismissed on legal grounds or possibly reduced to a non-moving violation. This way you could avoid getting any points on your record, your insurance increasing or having to use up your ability to go to drivers school.

Work with our trusted Charlotte drivers school lawyer and find out if it is a good idea. We can fight your traffic ticket and protect your driving record from accumulating points which could hurt you later on!

Schedule your free case evaluation with us today and speak with our seasoned legal team!