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Product Liability Lawyer in Charlotte

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Consumers place their trust in the companies that produce, market, and sell products. People expect the products they buy to be safe and free of any defects that may lead to a serious injury or death.

Just because a product passed inspection and appeared to be safe for distribution and sale to the public does not guarantee the item is safe or free of defects. Unassuming, trusting individuals can find themselves or a loved one injured or killed by the use of a product which proves to be defective. Companies who design, manufacture, and distribute products for sale, along with retailers who participate in selling them, have strict legal obligations they must adhere to in order to ensure consumer safety. When a product is found to be defective, one or more of the aforementioned parties can be held liable for any injuries the consumer sustained.

There are many accidents that can occur due to defective products, including but not limited to:

  • Lead poisoning
  • Automobile parts malfunctioning
  • Machinery malfunctioning
  • Broken toys injuring children

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Serving Injury Victims of Defective Products

At Saffa Law Group, our attorneys believe that entities responsible for a defective item should be held responsible for paying damages to any and all consumers who suffered an injury after using the product. Cases like this can get a bit complex, as many persons and entities can be involved in the process of designing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling the defective product in question. There is often a lot of footwork involved when trying to determine how a product became defective, or at what point an otherwise safe product became defective.

Engineers, manufacturers, designers, and other individuals could all be held liable for injuries caused by defective products. Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys will thoroughly analyze your case to identify who is liable for your injuries. From there, we will fight hard to increase your chances of recovering compensation for your pain and suffering.

We strongly encourage you to contact our firm if you have been endangered or harmed by a dangerous or defective product.