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Charlotte Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Filing bankruptcy does NOT mean financial ruin, having to give up all of your property or being unable to get credit for a number of years. Over 95% of our clients are able to file for bankruptcy and keep all of their personal property!

The most common statement our clients make following their initial bankruptcy consultation, is that they feel "so relieved" about their situation. If you are struggling to stay financially afloat, filing for bankruptcy may be the most effective and efficient way to get you and your family the "fresh start" you deserve.

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Clearing Your Debt Efficiently and Effectively

If your credit score is low and you have debt that you either cannot afford to repay or would take years to pay, filing for bankruptcy could enable you to both discharge (i.e. wipe out) your debt and rebuild your credit score faster than if you hadn't filed.

How can this be? When you file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it usually only takes about 3 months for your debts to be discharged. You can then immediately begin rebuilding your credit! On the other hand, if you hadn't filed, you would have spent years trying to repay the debts. You'd likely continue to have a low credit score the entire time and not be able to start rebuilding your credit until after the debts were paid off.

So filing for bankruptcy actually helped you to wipe out your debt and be in a position to rebuild your credit much faster!

Why Do You Need a Charlotte Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Filing for bankruptcy can be a complex process, one that requires a great deal of paperwork and negotiating with creditors. We can take a look at the details of your case and recommend whether filing for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you. We can also provide you with the foreclosure defense you need to save your home. We will do everything possible to help you reach the financial relief you need in order to start anew.

The chances of your bankruptcy case being successful are greatly enhanced when you retain the legal services of our experienced Charlotte bankruptcy lawyers. We, the skilled legal team at Saffa Law Group, have the training and skills to approach your bankruptcy case with the attention-to-detail and care it merits and deserves.

After reviewing your financial situation, we can recommend filing for one of the following:

We can also assist you with:

Our goal is to guide you through bankruptcy so you can obtain the debt relief you need to move on with your life. In fact, we are available to our clients seven days a week, including evenings. We can help you make smart and informed decisions that can benefit your family.

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Charlotte Bankruptcy Attorneys with More Than 30 Years of Experience

We can provide you with reliable legal counsel when you meet with creditors so you never feel overwhelmed or lost regarding your options. We have handled countless bankruptcy cases during our more than three decades of experience. We are very familiar with this area of the law and know how to make this stressful experience easier for all of our clients. Your case is extremely important to us and will receive our full attention.

Debt relief could be just a phone call away! Call us at Saffa Law Group to begin working towards a more financially secure future. With us on your side, you don't have to face bankruptcy alone.